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Oxford Direct Services is a wholly-owned social enterprise.  We serve the community’s needs by providing services on behalf of the Council to more than 150,000 residents of Oxfordshire while also supplying services to local organisations and businesses. Since 2012, we’ve used the savings we generate from our commercial services to feed back into public services. That way, we can offset the cuts in Government grants and provide competitively priced, consumer-focused and environmentally responsible services to all.

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Serving over 152,000 residents throughout the Oxford area, our local authority can provide you with much-needed support in the areas of landscaping and ground maintenance, waste removal and recycling, vehicle repair and testing, pest control, environmental cleansing and more….

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Top Tips To Help Businesses Maintain Hygiene Standards and Avoid Pests

Between April 2017 and April of this year, Oxford City Council handed out hundreds (661 to be exact!) of written warnings after routine food hygiene

31st October 2018

The Importance of Being Environmentally Responsible and How We're Doing Our Part

In the UK alone, 100 million tonnes of waste are produced every year. For some perspective, a small car weighs one tonne! Of this, more than 75 percent is commercial waste. As these numbers are increasing every year, it’s imperative that local businesses do their part in

28th August 2018

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The Children's Allotment is a new start-up  not-for-profit organisation and we received an excellent service which gave us great value for money from Direct Services. The team were friendly and gave helpful advice that went above and beyond. We were really pleased with the work they did.


Alice Hemming, The Children's Allotment

The team doing the work were a pleasure to be around and ended up being part of our opening event where they worked with our students to finish off the last bit of planting. 
Fitzwaryn School has a new area that is fit for use all year round and we would not have achieved this result without the hard work and dedication from ODS.

Catherine Barnes, Fitzwaryn Special School
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