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A commercial division of the City Council, Oxford Direct Services is a leading provider of essential maintenance and repairs for utilities and resources throughout Oxfordshire. Working closely alongside both residents and clients in the commercial sector, we provide council services to more than 150,000 residents throughout the county. These services are competitively priced and flexible to enable more people to access them, so regardless of your needs or budget, you can benefit from the help of our expert professionals. Having been in business since 2012, at Oxford Direct Service, we pride ourselves on offering cost-efficient, consumer-focussed, flexible and environmentally responsible solutions.

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Serving over 152,000 residents throughout the Oxford area, our local authority can provide you with much-needed support in the areas of landscaping and ground maintenance, waste removal and recycling, vehicle repair and testing, pest control, environmental cleansing and more….

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Pest problem? Oh, rats!

Rats infestation in a home or business can be a real pain, not to mention potentially dangerous.

Rats need to continually gnaw to grind down their teeth, which means they often cause a great deal of harmful structural damage. These rodents also

28th September 2017

How to manage a moth problem

Moths are a fairly common albeit unwanted house pest in the UK. 

There are two primary types of moth, macro-moths (larger breeds) and micro-moths (smaller breeds). According to UKMoths, there are approximately 2,400 moth species in the country,  and while most are

9th August 2017

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We have been impressed: Oxford Direct Services are very responsive, the advice and quality they provide matches our properties. They have tailored their services to our clients' needs. With us, the people that perform the best, get the most amount of work - and Direct Services are performing.

Christopher Way, Partner, Head of Lettings, Carter Jonas Oxford

The refurbishment of Barton Play Centre was completed to an extremely high standard. We found the works to be very un-intrusive and contained, with the large team of trades people involved contributing to the efficiency of the works. The finished result is superb and we are delighted.

Sue Holden, Barton Play Centre
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