Cowley Road Carnival- Complete Clean-Up!

3rd July 2018

In case you missed it, on July 1, Cowley Road turned into a bustling, vibrant Carnival. The annual Carnival celebrates the cultural and social diversity of Oxford with over 30 programmed stages spread across over a mile of roads and green space. Dancers,

Pest problem? Oh, rats!

28th September 2017

Rats infestation in a home or business can be a real pain, not to mention potentially dangerous.

Rats need to continually gnaw to grind down their teeth, which means they often cause a great deal of harmful structural damage. These rodents also carry and spread diseases such

Tips for ensuring you pass first time

28th September 2017

Information about getting an MOT

As an owner of a vehicle for personal or commercial use, it is your legal responsibility to ensure an annual MOT inspection is carried out.

You’ll need to take your car into a centre for its first MOT once the vehicle is three years old

How to manage a moth problem

9th August 2017

Moths are a fairly common albeit unwanted house pest in the UK.

There are two primary types of moth, macro-moths (larger breeds) and micro-moths (smaller breeds). According to UKMoths, there are approximately 2,400 moth species in the country,  and while most are harmless to humans, some can

Pest problems - Don’t let the bedbugs bite!

25th July 2017

Bed bugs have been a known human parasite for thousands of years and continue to infest our homes today.

These invasive insects are one of nature’s bloodsuckers and are quite happy to choose humans as their prey. Although unable to spread disease, they often leave their human hosts covered in red