Prices for MOT

How much does an MOT cost?


                        Vehicle Type                                                                                                                             


Age First Test Certificate required 

Class 4  Cars (up to 8 passenger Seats), Motor Caravans £54.85 3
  3 Wheeled Vehicles (over 450 Kg unladen weight) £54.85 3
  Quads (maximum unladen weight 400 Kg - for goods vehicles 550 Kg and max, net power of 15KW £54.85 3
  Dual Purpose Vehicles £54.85 3
  Private Hire Vehicles and PSVs (up to 8 seats) £54.85 3
  Good Vehicles (up to 3000 KG DGW) £54.85 3

Ambulances & Taxis
(Taxis and Private Hire Vehicles may be subject to additional local requirements)

£54.85 1
  Private Passenger Vehicles & Ambulances £57.30 1
Class 4A

Includes seat belt installation check
(9 - 12) Passenger Seats

Class 5 Private Passenger 13-16 Passenger seats £59.55 1
  Vehicles and Ambulances more than 16 Passenger seats (with 13 or more passenger seats)     £80.65 1
  Playbuses    £80.65 1
Class 5A

Includes seat belt 13-16 Passenger seats  

  Installation check More than 16 Passenger seats         £124.50   
Class 7 Good Vehicles (over 3000Kg up to 3500Kg DGW)     £58.60 3
  Partial retest fee     Half test fee  
  Maximum fee for duplicate test certificate     £10.00  

See What Our Customers Say

Not only was I delighted with the service you provided but also the friendly manner in which I was received. All members of your staff that I met were welcoming and treated me with respect. I will not hesitate to return to you for any further requirements to my vehicle.

John McIntyre

We have been coming to Oxford City Council for many years to have our fleet of vintage buses put through their MOT. We are very impressed with the service provided as they are completely impartial and experienced in testing many different types of vehicles. Oxford Direct Services are one of the very few places in Oxford that have the facilities to carry out class 5 MOTs on private buses.

Mick Freeman, Oxford Bus Museum