Landscaping, Grounds Maintenance & Tree Services

About Ground & Garden Service

Our grounds and garden maintenance service is available for commercial and large residential projects. We are able to offer a broad range of services that can be tailored to your needs.

Our services can be delivered to highways, housing estates, public open spaces, business premises and residential dwellings. We can provide ad-hoc services, as well as more frequent scheduled work programmes.

We are local to Oxford and operate an extensive range of plant and equipment within our fleet. We can offer countryside, cemetery and sports management services, play area inspections and installations, arboricultural services and much more.

We are also dedicated to meet the needs of our private residential customers carrying out general horticulture maintenance and tree works. 

See What Our Customers Say

The Children's Allotment is a new start-up  not-for-profit organisation and we received an excellent service which gave us great value for money from Direct Services. The team were friendly and gave helpful advice that went above and beyond. We were really pleased with the work they did.


Alice Hemming, The Children's Allotment

The team doing the work were a pleasure to be around and ended up being part of our opening event where they worked with our students to finish off the last bit of planting. 
Fitzwaryn School has a new area that is fit for use all year round and we would not have achieved this result without the hard work and dedication from ODS.

Catherine Barnes, Fitzwaryn Special School