Drainage & Jetting

About Drainage Service

We support main civil engineering activity with our jetting service. We are able to offer essential jetting services including drain, gulley and cesspit emptying and CCTV surveys. We will also clear minor floods or blockages in private drains.


Payment is due prior to attending the site unless you already have an account with us.

Service Hours of Operation Cost
 External Blocked Drains

 Normal Working Hours
 Mon-Thu 7.30am - 3.30pm, Friday until 3pm

 £130 per hour (including VAT)

 Out of Hours
 Mon-Thur from 3.30pm onwards. Friday from 3pm onwards

 £172 per hour (including VAT)
 Septic Tank/Cess Pit  Undertaken within normal working hours only

 Non-Industrial Activity £135 per empty (no VAT on domestic properties)

 Industrial Activity £162 per empty (including VAT)

 CCTV Survey

 Undertaken within normal working hours only

 £162 per hour (including VAT)

 Retrieve Assets Dropped Down Gully 

 Normal Working Hours
 Mon-Thu 7.30am - 3.30pm, Friday until 3pm

£130 per hour (including VAT)

£65.00 per half hour (including VAT)

  Out of Hours
Mon-Thur from 3.30pm onwards. Friday from 3pm onwards

£172 per hour (including VAT)

£86.00 per half hour (including VAT)

IMPORTANT Law on Sewer Ownership

Drains: the law on sewer ownership changed in October 2011, so now only drains (pipes serving one property) on your property are your responsibility.

Sewers: (pipes serving more than one property) are now the responsibility of Thames Water. If your drain is shared with your neighbour and is blocked contact Thames Water on 0845 9200 800. You will not be charged for clearing a sewer shared with your neighbour.

If your drains are blocked you need to call a plumber or drainage engineer, otherwise contact Thames Water on 0845 9200 800, who will charge you for clearing your drain.

The responsibility for drains on public highways, which take road water, is split between Oxfordshire County Council and Oxford City Council. Oxfordshire County Council is responsible for drains on major roads and Oxford City Council is responsible for drains on minor roads.

To find out who deals with drains which take road water fill in our online form below and we can forward it on to the correct Council.

Report drainage problem online


See What Our Customers Say

We, as a Trust, have been using Oxford Direct Services for the majority of our line painting and other road related services for many years. The administration team deals with us quickly and easily. The technical team performs a thorough and professional pre-works visit and the returned work is performed quickly and is of a very high standard. All in all a very cost effective and reliable service.

Matthew Holmes, Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust

We've used the services of Oxford Direct Services Signs and Lines team for a number of years and they’re always professional, reliable and adaptable. An excellent service.

Ed Wigzell, Oxford University Estates Directorate