Bodywork and Repairs

About our service

Oxford  Direct Services highly-trained and dedicated bodywork and repair team have over 40 years’ experience and are skilled in all aspects of vehicle bodywork and repairson a full range of private and commercial vehicles, vans and buses.

Our bodywork and repairs team can help with recent collisions, including accidents involving other vehicles, as well as prangs, scuffs, dents and scratches, perhaps caused by reversing into something or hitting another car. We also provide full servicing and checks to ensure vehicles leaving our garage are in the best possible condition.


Our bodyworks and repairs services cover all aspects of vehicle bodywork for private and commercial vehicles, vans and buses.

We will repair all types of vehicle bodywork damage, including minor dents and scratches, perhaps caused by a stationary collision, all the way through to complete front end collision and more significant damage from an incident.

We can repair vehicle bodyworks for a range of incidents so that the vehicle is returned to the owner as good as new. Incidents that may lead to a vehicle needing repair to the bodywork may be as follows:

  • Your vehicle being hit by another car in a car park
  • Damage to the bodywork of your car due to driving into another car
  • Hitting or reversing into a stationary object, like metal railing, a car parking bollard or wheelie bin
  • Damage caused by another object falling on your car
  • Scratches and dents caused by vandalism, such as having your car being scratched by a key, or the wing mirror smashed

Our bodyworks repair services include:

  • Removing bumper scuffs
  • Refurbishing alloy wheels
  • Repairing damage to paintwork
  • Making any necessary repairs to the interior of the vehicle
  • Machine polishing and buffing
  • Repairing the dashboard and trims
  • Window tinting
  • Servicing the tyres and batteries
  • Changing the wiper blades
  • Replacing any bulbs.

Please contact us at Oxford Direct Services if you have any questions about our car bodywork prices, or if you would like a collision repair cost calculation, dent repair cost estimate or any other car damage estimate.

Air conditioning service and repairs

The performance of a vehicle’s air conditioning is an essential feature and is used by the operator throughout the year to de-mist the vehicle in winter to ensure good visibility. An effective air conditioning system also keeps the driver and passengers cool in the summer, when it can become uncomfortably warm.

However, whether you have bought an air conditioning system separately to the vehicle or it has a built-in system, air conditioning requires regular servicing to ensure proper function. In fact, most car manufacturers recommend getting your car air-conditioning serviced every 2 years since, each year, over 10% of the air from a vehicle’s air-conditioning system is permeated, meaning it does not continue performing well as it should.

Oxford Council Direct Services offer complete air conditioning service to keep your car air conditioning system running effectively and efficiently. We also offer air conditioning repairs to fix leaks and failed components.

Why choose us?

  • With over 40 years’ experience of serving residents and business, Oxford Direct Services provide a truly local service.
  • Oxford Direct Services have been offering an independent, Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) approved MOT service from our Cowley Marsh Depot since 1969.
  • We manage a fleet of over 650 vehicles, all of which are maintained, repaired and serviced at our purpose-built garage in Oxford.

Sectors we work with

We can carry out repairs and servicing on both private and commercial vehicles, including:

  • Local Authorities
  • Housing Associations
  • Private organisations
  • Private Vehicles